Greetings; My name is Lore.

I’ve been painting since my early teens and thus found my bliss very early in life.

I moved to Vancouver from Alberta in 1987 and was slowly driven into pursuing an artistic career through a series of fateful events. Namely, painting oil reproductions of the Masters at the request of family, friends and soon their acquaintances. A privilege that I found quite rewarding. As my skills were exercised I found my client base was expanding to include the corporate sector. I attended Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design as a means to acquire a degree of credence and clout with my clients. I also ended up with a degree in Fine Arts. I worked throughout my education continuing to build my business at which time was called “ArtLore”. This unwittingly gave me the status as a “working artist”, which I found was a rare find within the walls of ECIAD and even more so throughout the arts community. Having then graduated to the “real world”, I experienced a few of the highlights of my career. Including a stint of work in a prestigious Palace in the United Arab Emirates,(http://www.loreschmidts.com/photo181944.html) 29,000 square feet and a 100 million dollar budget and counting. This was an amazing cultural and professional experience. Another is the work I did for the United Buddy Bear Project (http://www.loreschmidts.com/photo181911.html) in Berlin. 65 artists were invited from 65 countries to paint or in my case adorn a seven foot fiberglass statue I covered in a mosaic of china pieces donated at my request by Mothers from across Canada. I also take great pride in the mural commissioned for the Chateau Whistler which I employed three contemporaries of mine to aid in the execution of a 29" X 9" mountain landscape, see corporate commissions portfolio. There are many others projects as well of which I‘m very proud.

I lived on Salt Spring Island for several years where I continued to produce murals, commissions and sales out of my studio/gallery which I lovingly called Salt Spring Art Salon, S.S.A.S.
I moved to Madeira Park and then to Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast and am currently continuing my artistic endeavors through my home studio which I have named once again "ArtLore".
This portfolio website was created to include two different sections of select artwork which span my career; Recent Works and Other Works with sub portfolios including; Commissions and Early Works of interest. Thank you and... Enjoy.

Lore Schmidts